Massage Therapy

Sore from Summer Activities? Unwind and Rejuvenate with a RMT Massage from Soulstice Wellness!

If you’ve been embracing summer with increased outdoor activities, your body may be sending you a few messages through these symptoms: sore muscles, strains or fatigue. Don’t let these seasonal aches slow you down. Our RMT can help you recover, rejuvenate, and restore your body to fluid movement. Let’s take a look at a few benefits of seeing a RMT at Soulstice Wellness Centre that can keep you fit, active, and relaxed, all summer long!

Say Goodbye to Stress

Summer is all about fun and activities, but let’s face it – an active lifestyle can sometimes be taxing. This is where a RMT comes into play. Regular massage sessions can significantly reduce stress hormones, allowing you to relax and refocus. Some studies suggest that massage therapy can decrease cortisol levels by up to 30% while boosting serotonin and dopamine, the hormones that make us feel happier and more relaxed. So, if the summer’s making you sweat in more ways than one, a soothing massage session could be the answer!

Boost Circulation, Boost Health

Improved blood circulation is one of the significant benefits of a therapeutic massage. It allows nutrient-rich blood to flow to tense, strained muscles, promoting healing and reducing inflammation. If your muscles are crying out after an intense bike ride or a long hike in the mountains, this increased blood flow can speed up recovery, helping you get back to your active best.

Enhance Flexibility and Range of Motion

Our RMT uses various techniques that stimulate the production of the natural lubricants in our connective tissues which enhances flexibility and reducing the risk of injury. One of the key ways to maintain an active summer lifestyle is ensuring your body can handle all the ranges of movement that comes with it. Regular therapeutic massage sessions can help you stay flexible and injury-free, so you’re always ready for the next summer adventure.

Aiding Injury Recovery

Even with the best preparations, summer activities can sometimes lead to strains and sprains. A therapeutic massage can speed up your recovery by improving blood flow, reducing inflammation, and promote tissue restoration. Some studies have also shown that a therapeutic massage can promote healing over some pharmaceutical methods with less side effects. If you’re nursing a summer sports injury, consider incorporating a therapeutic massage into your recovery regimen.

Enhance Sleep Quality

With the longer days and busy social calendars, summer can often disrupt our sleep schedules. If you’re finding it hard to get quality shut-eye, a therapeutic massage can help. By reducing tension and promoting relaxation, massage therapy can significantly improve sleep quality. Restful sleep, in turn, helps your body recover and prepare for the next day’s activities, ensuring you can make the most of your summer days (and nights!).

Boost Mental Health

The mental health benefits of therapeutic massage shouldn’t be overlooked. The calming environment and the therapeutic touch of a massage can significantly reduce anxiety and depression. Coupled with the physical benefits, this can lead to a brighter mood and a more positive outlook. In other words, a therapeutic massage session is not just a treat for your body, but for your mind too! Studies shown that the parasympathetic nervous system is naturally in a restful state for the duration of a massage treatment.

Whether you’ve been kayaking, playing frisbee, gardening, or simply spending more time on your feet this summer, a massage can help keep your body at its peak. Not only does it provide physical relief, but it also aids in maintaining a healthy state of mind, allowing you to fully enjoy and embrace the season. So, don’t let those sore muscles or summer blues get you down. Book a massage session today and let the healing hands of your massage therapist guide you towards a healthier and relaxing summer!

Remember, everyone’s needs are unique. Consult with Soulstice Wellness Centre’s registered massage therapist to discuss a treatment plan that’s best suited to your body’s needs. Here’s to a rejuvenating summer filled with wellness and vitality!